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Human Machine Interface Device Manufacturers

Membrane Switches

GGI Solutions manufactures a myriad of membrane switch technologies designed for seamless integration into various product applications across aerospace, medical, industrial, transport, and defense industries. Learn about our membrane switches.

Industrial Keypad

Our industrial keypads offer a competitive edge across various industries. Enhance your business’ efficiency and your user experience with our innovative keypad technologies.

Capacitive Switch

Lightweight, flexible and ergonomic, our capacitive switch (CapFlex) technology is thin and offers an excellent lifespan to your product interface. Learn more about our curved capacitive switch.

Custom Touch Screen

Enhance your user experience with custom solutions tailored to your industry. Check out GGI Solutions’ reliable, ruggedized and weather-resistant touch-screen solutions.

HMI Assembly

Improve efficiency across your aerospace, industrial, medical, defense, or transport industry applications by integrating cutting-edge custom Human Machine Interface (HMI) assemblies

Control Panel

The control panels from GGI Solutions are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Learn more about how our engineers can create customized products for your industry.

Medical Touch Screen

GGI’s medical touch screens meet stringent medical compliance requirements. Read about our safe and sanitized custom solutions designed to withstand wear and tear, chemicals, liquids, and more.

Printed Electronics

Our innovative printed electronics solutions are designed to meet your industry’s needs and serve numerous applications. Learn more about our engineering expertise and our various printed electronics technologies.

Your human machine
technology partner

GGI Solutions has been operating in the field of human machine interface technologies for more than 30 years. As a specialist in the design, engineering and manufacturing of innovative user interfaces, the company offers a complete range of products and solutions that cover a wide range of applications.

Project management, design, engineering, qualification & certification and innovation are part of every GGI solution. Additionally, the group invests in research and development to ensure continual diversification and evolution of its user interface technologies.

Innovative Technologies for Demanding Industries

Operating in the aerospace, medical, industrial, transport and defense markets, enables GGI to build its user interface solution expertise to meet the most demanding requirements.

GGI has a long history of delivering innovative technologies, such as printed electronics, curved capacitive touch surfaces and backlighting to provide a competitive edge to your business.