What You Need to Know About Tactile and Non-Tactile Membrane Switches

membrane switches

The membrane switch and keyboard were invented just over 30 years ago. But like many inventions, they were believed to be an inefficient way to enter data, as well as a cheap solution because the switch and keyboard didn’t cost very much to manufacture. Membrane switches and keyboards have undergone many improvements and are used Read More…

Why You Should Switch to a PTC Printed Heater

FLEXIBLE (PTC) HEATER, heating element

Conventional heaters can be heavy to transport, take up space, and often fail because of faulty wires or coils, but a solution has been developed. The functions for printed electronics are rapidly expanding to meet every day needs, and now, PTC printed heaters are used in various industries to deliver heat in a more efficient Read More…

GGI Raises the Bar for Quality, Compliance & Certifications


Any company that develops human-machine interface technologies has a responsibility to look after its people, its customers, and its environment. GGI Solutions operates under strict guidelines and policies to protect the integrity of its technology and to ensure the safety of its employees and, of course, its clients. For over 30 years, GGI Solutions has been Read More…

Set Your Business Apart from the Competition with Membrane Switch Assemblies

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Printed Lighting Solutions: Everything You Need to Know

printed lighting

Printed Lighting Solutions: a promising and flexible technology Printed lighting solutions unite two worlds: print and technology. These flexible, versatile, and durable products are used in over 3,000 organizations and are expected to increase in total market value from their current $29.28 billion to $73.43 billion in 2027. The advantages of printed lighting solutions are Read More…

The Benefits of HMI Systems in the Medical Industry

Membrane control panel

The Benefits of HMI Solutions in the Medical Industry Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface that allows humans to operate controllers for machines, systems, or instruments. Some HMI solutions convert data into readable visual representations. In the medical industry, an HMI (human machine interface) is particularly important and can help speed up recovery, Read More…

Printed Electronic Technologies: What You Didn’t Know

Printed electronics are part of a rapidly evolving industry. At GGI Solutions, we offer a variety of printed electronic technologies with applications in industries like aerospace, medicine, defense, transport, and industrial. To give you a better understanding of how printed electronics work, here is some useful information: What are Printed Electronics? Printed electronics is the Read More…

Everything You Need to Know about Membrane Switches

ClickTouch Membrane Switch

What are Membrane Switches? A membrane switch is a user interface device that is made up of several layers and used as a switch to turn a device on or off. Unlike mechanical switches, which are generally constructed with copper and plastics, membrane switches are printed circuits on film. How do Membrane Switches Work? The Read More…