GGI Solutions acquires ClickTouch America

Dear customer,

GGI Solutions is pleased to announce that ClickTouch America and GGI Solutions have joined forces and become one company. This acquisition is the fruit of several months of partnership and analysis between the ClickTouch and GGI teams, with an aim to create greater value for both organizations’ customers.

ClickTouch is specialized in the custom design and production of membrane keypads, graphic overlays, and various other electronic interfaces using a unique tactile key thermoforming process to produce aesthetic and robust control panels. As with GGI Solutions, ClickTouch solutions are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance.

GGI Solutions provides Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions and is a value-added partner to its global aerospace, medical, industrial, transportation and defense customers. GGI is also a leader in the emerging printed electronics industry, leveraging its partnership with the Canadian
National Research Council and global market leaders, to develop breakthrough applications of its scientific innovations. The company is well supported by its financial partners, Namakor Holdings, FMQ and CDPQ, one of the world’s largest institutional investors and this acquisition further
consolidates GGI’s leadership position in its markets. To find out more about GGI, please do visit us at

We are excited about the opportunities this acquisition creates for all of our customers. The ClickTouch technology expands our capabilities and offers customers new product offering to address a greater spectrum of HMI requirements. Over the course of the coming days and weeks, our Sales and Customer Service teams will reach out to you directly to further support this communication and introduce the ClickTouch product line.

Best Regards,

CEO GGI Solutions