A multidisciplinary team that gives your industry a competitive edge

GGI Solutions consists of multidisciplinary teams providing cutting-edge solutions. GGI Solutions is committed to remain at the forefront of innovation and keeping its customers competitive by using the latest technologies, providing products and services to enhance our customer’s competitiveness and profitability.

Our industrial Human Machine Interface (HMI) assemblies are designed and engineered to conform to the exact application and environment to which they will be subjected. Our products can be operated with a touch of a finger, a stylus or thick work gloves and are designed for applications such as:

  • Commercial ovens for the specialized food industry
  • Industrial grade stand-alone plant floor equipment
  • Wall-mounted controls
  • Mining equipment
  • Portable inspection equipment

Interface Solutions for Harsh Environment  and Critical Applications

Our products are manufactured using high quality and reliable materials, ensuring our customers with best in class solutions. In addition, our products offer unrivalled reliability with world class shock and vibration resistance.

GGI Solutions develops custom assemblies which include the following features:

  • Optically balanced backlighting
  • Projected capacitive or resistive touch screens
  • Displays
  • Complex multi-layer PCBAs
  • Rotary switches
  • Machined or cast aluminum housings
  • Injection molded plastic housings
  • Back plates
  • Numerous switch options and activation forces
  • Embossed decorative graphics
  • UV resistant decorative graphics
  • EMI/ESD shielding
  • Hermetic sealing

A reliable team

Our tailored solutions are developed to make life easier for all members of your team. Discover how GGI Solutions can assist your team members become more efficient in their daily tasks.