Sustainable products meeting transport industry standards

Over the course of many years, GGI Solutions has developed an extensive expertise in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for the Transport and Specialized Automotive industry. Our culture of continuous innovation enables us to consistently design, deliver and support solutions to meet the ever evolving requirements of the Transport and Specialized Automotive Industry. We investigate operating environments such as the Agricultural, Railway, Construction or Emergency Intervention industries and define customer requirements to lay the foundation for a successful project, always meeting proposed timelines and predetermined budgets.

GGI Solutions offers the following tailored solutions developed for the Transport and Specialized Automotive industry:

  • Control panels for emergency vehicle drivers and medical teams
  • Control panels for trains and subways
  • Various accessories specific to the automobile sector

A resistant and durable assembly

GGI Solutions understands the requirement for long-lasting durability and shock resistant solutions, we take all the necessary measures to ensure our products are user-friendly, efficient and resistant to vehicle shock and vibrations. Our commitment to innovation in the Transport and Specialized Automotive industry is demonstrated by our world leading assemblies which include the following features:

  • Optically balance backlighting
  • Projected capacitive or resistive touch screens
  • Compression molded silicone parts
  • Displays
  • PCBAs
  • Machined or cast aluminum housings
  • Injected molded plastic housings
  • Numerous switch options and activation forces
  • Antimicrobial decorative graphics
  • EMI/ESD shielding
  • Hermetic sealing

Efficient products for specific needs

GGI Solutions uses its extensive knowledge to develop reliable products that are tailor-made for every type of vehicle. Discover how GGI Solutions can assist your team members become more efficient in their daily tasks