Get reliable touch screens for all your medical applications with GGI Solutions

At GGI Solutions, touch screens for medical applications are designed to withstand wear and tear, prevent liquid and dust intrusion, stay protected from unexpected spills, and meet stringent compliance requirements of the medical sector. We have a dedicated team of engineers that will test and qualify almost every product, ensuring that they are best suited to the application they were designed for. As an ISO 13485 certified company, our goal is to provide a sanitary, safe, and efficient solution for your business. Our products are durable, flexible, offer a high tactile feedback, and will considerably enhance your user experience.

Product Design

Our touch screen solutions can be customized by using a variety of elements, including polyester or polycarbonate and can withstand various temperatures and conditions. Known for user-friendliness, versatility, flexibility, and ruggedized stature, GGI Solution’s touch screen technologies can be integrated into multiple applications. In the medical field, our products can be used for respiratory monitoring equipment, dental laser equipment, patient monitor systems, and more. Our durable, chemical-resistant products are sealed to protect against blood, gel, and other liquids, extending the lifespan of the product.

Our dedication to innovation in the medical industry is demonstrated by our world-leading Human Machine Interface (HMI) products. At GGI Solutions, safety is an important component to any of our products, especially in the medical industry. We are a trusted provider of safety-critical products, which can be operated with the touch of a finger, stylus, or latex gloves.

Product Features


Some of these products include features like optically balanced backlighting, machined or cast aluminum housings, hermetic sealing, capacitive sensing, numerous switch options, antimicrobial polyester decorative graphics, displays, EMI/ESD shielding, and projected capacitive or resistive touchscreens. Our extensive experience in HMI products in the medical industry helps us provide highly effective products for such a challenging environment. With over 30 years in the field of human-machine interface technologies, we have been constantly diversifying our products to suit the needs of various industries such as the aerospace, medical, industrial, transport, and defense. Years of engineering experience coupled with manufacturing capabilities have positioned GGI Solutions as a value-added partner for global industry leaders.


Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements. Our engineering team will work with you to create, adapt, and design a solution that works best for your application.