GGI Solutions is a renowned North American leader in the design and production of high-quality graphic overlays. Our graphic design department, color matching laboratory and silkscreen production capacity in a clean room on automated presses, together qualify GGI to manufacture “best in class” silkscreen work. It is no coincidence that GGI produced overlays look and perform above the rest.

Backing up our production team is a support staff including materials engineering, chemical engineering, R & D, and an in-house environmental testing laboratory.

Some surface finish options:

  • Velvet ( various levels available)
  • Gloss finish ( various levels available)
  • Anti-reflective
  • Anti-microbial
  • Additional selective textures offered through our screen printing process such as: Linde as well as a range of UV platforms


  • Clear LCD or LED
  • ITO armored using optical clear lamination conducted in one of our clean rooms
  • Dead front
  • Interchangeable legends
  • Smoked as well as translucent colors for backlighting purposes


  • Multi-level platform options
  • Finger guide, LED, Braille, pillow either as a standalone or combination of
  • Cold and hot embossing or hydro forming
  • ClickTouch thermoformed embossing


  • Screen printing conducted in one of our clean rooms
  • Digital Printing


  • Laser traced steel rule tools
  • Tin plate high precision tools
  • Laser and CNC cutting