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Membrane Switch Solutions for Various Applications

For more than three decades, GGI’s membrane switches have provided a reliable interface function with a myriad of options available. Our membrane switches, keypads, silicone membranes, custom HMI solutions, capacitive switches, non-tactile keypads are all fully customizable and can be easily integrated into any product application. Flexible membrane keyboards are the entry level user-interface product and we offer several types of configurations. Whether you are looking for, tactile, non-tactile, capacitive, keyboards printed on polyester circuits using silver ink or keyboards made on a flexible polyimide carrier (Polymide flex), GGI will develop a solution to meet your needs in our manufacturing facility.

Some common options :

Graphic Overlay:
  • Complete custom graphic design and development
  • Wide range of graphic layer material options such as: polyester, antimicrobial polyester, polycarbonate, blends, silicone
  • LCD or LCD window options
  • Interchangeable legends
  • Silver, carbon, dielectrics on polyester
  • Copper/polyimide flex
  • Rigid PCBA
  • ESD, EMI or RFI shielding (various options available)
  • LED
  • PDT (Printed Diffuser Technology)
  • Optical fibre
  • Electroluminescent “EL”
  • Tactile metal domes (wide range of sizes, actuation forces, and plating finishes available)
  • ClickTouch Technology (wide range of shapes and sizes and actuation forces available)
  • Non-tactile platforms
  • Polydome
  • Magnetic armature platforms
Component integration:
  • Polyester circuit option: a range of components can be picked and placed on this substrate (contact GGI for further information)
  • Polyimide flex: dictated only by specific BOM
  • Rigid PCBA: dictated only by specific BOM
  • Backplate support: (metal, STST or plastic either machined, punched or injection molded)
  • Housings: (plastic or metal, either machined or injection molded)
Environmental factors:
  • Gaskets customised per specific (IP standard)
  • Other proprietary sealing methods available