Set Your Business Apart from the Competition with Membrane Switch Assemblies

Membrane switch assemblies, which include membrane keypads and panels, are innovative electromechanical assemblies used to control equipment and machines through a user interface. Whether they are applied in medical equipment, industrial machinery, or the aerospace sector, implementing this technology into your workspace has myriad benefits, including easy-to-clean surfaces, a variety of design options, and chemical, fire, and water resistance.

From the engineering team at GGI Solutions, here are some membrane switch technologies that will set you apart from the rest: MEMBRANE KEYPADS

Silicone Membranes Switches and Keypads 

Rubber keypads are designed with pressure-molded silicone rubber with non-conductive rubber actuators or conductive carbon pills. These systems are extremely durable and flexible, making them perfect for a variety of applications. Here are a few ways silicone keypads can set you apart from the rest:

  • Available in an array of complex button shapes, designs, and durometers
  • Cost-effective on a per-piece basis
  • Resistant to chemicals, water, and other substances
  • Can be backlit with a variety of lighting solutions, including LEDs, EL lighting, and fiber optic lamps


ClickTouch Technology

From high-speed trains to consumer products, ClickTouch technology is used in a variety of applications. Different from traditional membrane switches, ClickTouch technology consist of user-friendly keyboards with elastic spring zone keys and a long “travel.” Here are a few benefits you can expect from ClickTouch Technology:

  • Expected lifetime of more than six million activations
  • A distinct “click” feeling
  • Resistant to scratches, water, dust, and chemicals
  • Available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and key shapes


Tactile Membrane Switches

Tactile Membrane Keypads: Generated from a metal dome, tactile membrane switches offer a unique feeling, impeccable click response, and can be integrated into numerous applications, including the medical, industrial, aerospace, defense, and transportation sectors. Here are a few benefits associated with this technology:

  • Design limitations are limitless
  • Up to one million actuations
  • Able to withstand high temperatures (ideal for harsher environments)
  • Thin with a short switch travel


Non-Tactile Membrane Keypads

For applications requiring a flat and thin solution, non-tactile membrane switches are your best bet. This technology provides little to no tactile feedback compared to ClickTouch or metal dome membranes, but is extremely cost-effective. Here are a few more benefits with tactile membrane switches:

  • Limitless button and shape design options
  • Accompanied with high-quality visual, auditory, or haptic feedback
  • Remarkably affordable


Capacitive Switch

User-friendly and versatile, GGI’s capacitive switches can be programmed to be feather light or have high sensitivity using overlay materials like polyester, polycarbonate, and glass. This innovative technology also makes it possible to incorporate scrollbars and mouse pads into your new design, and offers the following benefits:

  • High actuation life
  • Resistant to liquid, fingerprints and scratches
  • Custom graphics and color selections


For an array of top-quality membrane switches, get in touch with us today at GGI Solutions. Our team of engineers is dedicated to developing breakthrough applications in global aerospace, medical, industrial, transport, and defense sectors