With the ClickTouch technology, we bring together an unequal aesthetic appeal, great tactile sensation, durability, and reliability to provide a custom interface at its finest.

Often described as amazingly simple and incredibly functional, this technology is distinguished by its simple construction. The combination of a thermoformed polyester overlay with our unique V groove enables extended key travel and a contact bounce that is considerably better than the industry standard. The long key travel provides an improved tactile feedback resulting in an explicit interaction between the user and the interface.

ClickTouch retains essentially the same organic performance as the standard mechanical push button but demonstrates the added benefits of being dust and water tight as well as chemically resistant. Circuit layers are printed on polyester substrates with special silver, carbon and insulation ink, with additional protection against oxidation provided by overprinting with carbon or ‘Chemfight’ (anisotropic conductive ink).

Key Benefits:

  • High tactile feedback with precise click action
  • Long lasting: in excess of 6 million actuations
  • Activation force variable from hard to soft
  • A wide range of key shapes & sizes are available
  • Easy integration of both EL and fiber optic lamp
  • Multiple shielding possibilities
  • Excellent for vibration applications
  • Cost-effective
  • Long travel: up to 2mm (0,079”)
  • Stable operation in temperatures from -40°C to +67°C
  • Low contact bounce of < 10ms (depends on key design)


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