Printed electrodes are one of the most interesting applications of the advanced printed electronics technologies applied to the medical sector. This next generation technology brings efficiency, flexibility and numerous benefits to the patient and the medical team. At GGI, we developed this innovative solution by combining our printed electronics know-how, our medical HMI expertise, and our manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, our printed electrodes solution is the result of extensive innovation and is an exciting technology that will change the nature of patient care.

How do our Printed Electrodes work?   

The essential functionality of the Printed Electrodes is to monitor the patient’s cardiac activity by simply placing two small, subtle and elegant pads on the patient’s chest. This ‘smart pad’ design is composed of several thin layers including our printed circuits, wireless ECG sensors (electrocardiography), a battery and a small PCB.

The thin patch is smooth, lightweight and comfortable for daily use. Thanks to real-time data provided by the sensors, every heartbeat, respiration rate and vital signs of the heart can be continuously analyzed by the medical team. The wireless sensor is a major breakthrough in the medical applications as it allows patients to have a greater freedom of movement – all by staying connected to their caregivers.

Why GGI Solutions

As an ISO 13485 certified company, our goal is to provide innovation, safety and efficient solutions for your medical applications. Our engineering and R&D team is entirely dedicated to the design and fabrication of custom printed technologies that will enhance your user experience.

With over 30 years of experience in HMI and printed solutions, GGI has become a value-added partner for global industry leaders and has provided continuous support from the early phase of the project to the final product delivery. Our broad range of technologies and products has been seamlessly integrated into various medical applications such as control bed panels, patient monitoring interface, dental equipment touch screen, biosensors and more.

We have been constantly diversifying our products to suit the needs of various industries and would be glad to assist you with your product design. Contact us today and our engineering team will work with you to create, adapt, and design a solution that works best for your application.

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Printed Electrodes

printed electrodes
printed electrodes
printed electrodes
printed electrodes