Why You Should Switch to a PTC Printed Heater

Conventional heaters can be heavy to transport, take up space, and often fail because of faulty wires or coils, but a solution has been developed. The functions for printed electronics are rapidly expanding to meet everyday needs, and now, PTC printed heaters are used in various industries to deliver heat in a more efficient way.

What is a PTC Printed Heater?

A PTC printed heater is a circuit that is printed on a substrate as a better solution for heating. PTC stands for “positive temperature coefficient”, which is the type of ink used to generate the heat as opposed to wires and coils. The ink is printed on thin, flexible substrate with a polymer base, and various PTC inks can be used depending on the application and the temperature required. The main feature of the printed heater is its self-regulating capability, which is specific to the PTC ink formula.

This allows the PTC printed heater to self-regulate, thereby eliminating all safety risks, hot spots, and the need for external diagnostic controls.

Designed to deliver uniform heat, PTC printed heaters also provide heat in a short amount of time and consume less energy compared to conventional heaters. GGI Solutions is environmentally aware and seeks to minimize its ecological footprint wherever possible.

A PTC printed heater is made to withstand repeated use and because it’s laminated, it won’t absorb liquids and chemicals or wear away from mechanical friction.

To summarize, PTC printed heaters are:

  • Inherently safe
  • lightweight
  • multi-functional
  • self-regulated
  • efficient
  • reliable
  • durable
  • cost-effective
  • environmentally friendly

Where Can You Use It?

Many industries have already begun to adopt the PTC printed heater, including transportation, aerospace, and medical. GGI Solutions specializes in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), so we ensure that our products are user-friendly, shock-resistant, and long-lasting.

The PTC printed heater can be used for:

  • wing heating and de-icing
  • display heating and anti-condensing
  • mirror and steering wheel heating
  • seat and bed heating
  • food and beverage warming
  • IV bag heating

The demand for thinner, faster, and portable electronics is increasing with each passing day to accommodate safety, comfort, and wellbeing. GGI Solution customizes designs to suit their customer’s needs.

Where Can You Get a PTC Printed Heater?

GGI Solutions has over 30 years in advancing human machine interface and printed electronics technologies and is still going strong with a lean mindset in manufacturing, design, and engineering. By valuing innovation, we are continually expanding our products, services, and overall quality. Contact us today to learn more about printed electronics and our PTC printed heaters, or get a custom quote today! Our HMI specialists are standing by to assist you.